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L'Abysse has been rewarded with two MICHELIN stars. At L’Abysse, Yannick Alléno heralds his passion for Japan and the art of sushi he discovered many years ago near to Hachiro Mizutani.

With the excellence which characterizes him, he delivers a tribute to this miniture pillard of the world gastronomy and offers to (re)discover the real taste of such a delicate and complex dish.

L’Abysse showcases nigiris through menus or omakasé, with, to accompany them, several dishes expressing the forward-thinking personality of the chef, and one of the most astonishing sake menu in France thanks to Louis Robuchon-Abe and Japan Exquise.

As for the frame, Laurence Bonnel-Alléno gathers, in this sunbathed venue created like a white box, some of the most influential contemporary artists.

Kostia does the ash counter.

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