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Height: 220 to 240 cm

Width: 170 to 175 cm

At the end of the first lockdown in May 2020 chef Yannick Alléno (Pavillon Ledoyen) and Laurence Bonnel (Galerie Scène Ouverte) commissioned Kostia, one of the gallery’s artists, to come up with a decorative installation that would allow for social

distancing within the gastronomic restaurant.

Working with great respect for the original listed building, Kostia’s aim was to blend seamlessly into the existing décor, creating an entirely new artwork which would also become part of a coherent whole, with chef Yannick Alléno in the rôle of “chef



Using the existing architecture as his point of departure, he sought to

anchor it fi rmly in a new era, whilst maintaining the sensation of opening out into

nature. Here is “a view, without being viewed”, where the beauty of the surroundings can be taken in at a glance; a work of art which allows for the sounds of the service and of our fellow diners to reassure, yet which removes any risk of exposure: in the words of Yannick Alleno,“social discretion”.

Kostia made drawings of contemporary fl oral motifs which echo the theme of the four seasons already present in the original decoration by Louis Jacques Galland.

He then created moveable, gauze screens in suspended frames held in place by brushed-bronze fittings that seem to fl oat in space.

He asked Atelier Montex to make contemporary embroideries after his drawings.

Aska Yamashita (artistic director of Atelier Montex) transcribed his work into the ne medium in an extraordinarily sensitive way. Her association of diff erent techniques, colours and materials makes Kostia’s drawings explode like glittering fi reworks. The presence of delicate embroidered birds and insects among the branches finishes this fairy-tale ensemble.


Photo credit: Sebastian Mittermeier

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