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Number of 50

Length: 205 cm

Depth: 67 cm

Seat height: 37 cm

Bench in beech and oak, brown coloured.

Oiled finish.

3 400€ exclu VAT/piece, 

studio departure, (delivery not included).


The M-E.K. collection is the result of a collaboration with Marie Eugénie de Pourtalès, a renowned painter whose works are now in numerous private collections.

Her family ancestry, from the Atlantic to the Urals, has led her to concentrate on the essential, to avoid the anecdotal and the fashionable, and to seek out what is meaningful and deeply human in art, while at the same time achieving a form of timelessness. 

She has inherited a refinement whose elegance is found in the finesse of her furniture.


The role of a piece of furniture created by an artist is to be present without preventing the spirit from escaping, but also to be convenient. 


Why under the name of M.E.K ? because ME for Marie Eugénie, and K for Kostia.

Photo credit: Hervé Lewandowski

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