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26 Buffet OO entier fermé S Mittermeier.


Number of 8 + 4AP

Length: 312 cm

Width: 47.3 cm

Height: 91 cm

Row of consoles draws its inspiration from the makhila, a traditional Basque shepherd’s walking stick.


The bronze feet are a stylized representation of the point of the makhila, whilst the handles in scarified medlar wood patinated in olive oil were made by Bergara family, expert makhila artisans for 200 years, EPV

26 Buffet OO vue dessus S
26 Buffet OO detail pied S Mittermeier.j
26 Buffet OO poignées S Mittermeier.jpg
26 Buffet OO entier ouvert S Mittermeier

Photo credit: Sebastian Mittermeier

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