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81 Buffet Printemps-066 S Mittermeier.jpg


Number of 8 + 4AP

Height: 88 cm

Width: 50 cm

Length: 230 cm

4-door sideboard in glossy red lacquer with gold leaf floral designs.


Brushed brass varnished legs. Satin varnished oak interior. One shelf in satin-finish oak, in each compartment of the sideboard.

81 Buffet Printemps-037_sans_reflexion S Mittermeier.jpg
81 Buffet Printemps-056 S Mittermeier.jpg
81 Buffet Printemps-040 S Mittermeier.jpg
81 Buffet Printemps-058 S Mittermeier.jpg

Photo credit: Sebastian Mittermeier

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