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Single piece

Height : 75 cm

Width : 50 cm

Length : 80 cm

post 2 chariot 3.jpg

After a two years long design process, this cheese trolley is one of a kind and displays a wonderful cheese selection, coming directly from Maison Alléosse.

We wanted to create a piece that represented our identity, as well as a symbol of our craftmanship, for the 2 stars restaurant Le Gabriel, by Jérôme Banctel.

The idea behind this artwork was to imagine a service close to the client and representative of the culinary experience that the restaurant offers, to offer a variety of high quality products.

post 3 result 3.jpg


This piece, that oscillates between sculpture and a utility object, facilitates the service. The cheese trolley in rosewood, marble and bronze embodies Kostia's identity pattern. All the materials were chosen to evoke a discreet sense of luxury.

The study of the drawers was thought in a way to transcribe the special needs for service, including two turning marble trays, two drawers with pivoting plates, two knife drawers displayed as fans with a built in cheese bell carved in the wood.

post 3 result 1.jpg
post 2 chariot 2.jpg

Credits: Julie Limont

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