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Single piece

Height : 220 to 240 cm

Width : 170 to 175 cm


At the end of the 1st confinement in May 2020, the chef Yannick Alléno (Pavillon Ledoyen) and Laurence Bonnel (Galerie SCENE OUVERTE) approached Kostia (represented by the gallery) to envision a decorative installation that could facilitate social distancing for the gastronomic restaurant.



Kostia aims to seamlessly integrate into an exceptional decor, classified as a historic monument, creating a setting which is not only an artwork, but also the beginning of a cohesive environment in which the chef Yannick Alléno is the conductor.



His goal is to repurpose the existing architecture and blend into in a new era where nature lays, in order to create a feeling of “seeing without being seen”, a glimpse into the beauty of the space.

4 seasons is an artwork where sounds coming from the service or other guests are reassuring, without making people sense the risk of being exposed : “social discretion” as Chef Yannick Alléno describes it.

The team created contemporary floral designs on stretched canvases, depicting the themes of the four seasons, that appear in Louis Jacques Galland’s decors.

The netting is suspended on hanging frames, detachable and supported by brushed brass structures that seem to float in the dining room.


Kostia has asked the Montex workshop to create embroideries directly inspired from our drawings. Aska Yamashita (artistic director of Montex) did an extraordinary work of bringing our ideas to life. She combined different techniques which form an explosive harmony of colors and materials. The presence of the birds and insects surrounding the branches reinforces this idea of a tribute to nature.


Credits : Sébastien Mittermeier

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